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Is treatment covered by the British Columbia Medical Services Plan?

No. BC's MSP has elected not to fund this program. Individuals who have extended health insurance benefits may have coverage.

Do I have any options for coverage with BC Pharmacare?

Limited financial coverage is available for upper extremity Lymphedema arm sleeves and gloves depending on specific Pharmacare plans and deductibles for BC residents. BC Pharmacare does not offer coverage for lower extremity Lymphedema compression garments. BC Pharmacare does not offer any funding for healthcare rehabilitation professional services.

How about coverage through my private insurance benefits?

If you or your partner is employed, you may have access to extended healthcare insurance to cover various medical and allied health services not funded by BC's Medical Services Plan. Often coverage includes a maximum annual benefit, and specifies therapy services. Extended healthcare insurance and company health plans vary dramatically and are changed or updated regularly. Plans that offer coverage for Occupational Therapy, and surgical compression garments/compression stockings, may offer reimbursement for services provided by Canadian Lymphedema & Rehabilitation Services. Patients must contact their provider or plan administrator to clarify what services are covered. We will work with you to co-ordinate our services to meet your plan guidelines where possible.

Are any of these services tax deductible?

Occupational Therapy healthcare services are a tax deductible medical expense. For further information can be obtained at: Canada Revenue Agency. We encourage you to discuss these options with your income tax planner and check with the Canada Revenue Agency for any updates to federal tax laws.

Do I need to wear a compression garment to manage Lymphedema?

Yes. Compression garments are designed to offer a gradual level of support to the area(s) of your body that have developed Lymphedema. Wearing a compression garment will help you control the condition while continuing your daily activities. We will work with you to fit a garment that best suits your needs.

My therapist is using words such as: "compression garment," "garments," "stockings," "hand glove," and "millimeters of mercury." What do they all mean?

"Compression garment" or "garment" is used to describe compression products that provide graduated support for Lymphedema management anywhere in your body. Graduated compression garments are available in both custom made and standard sizes.
"Compression stockings" refer to graduated compression products used to manage leg, thigh, or waist-length Lymphedema concerns.
"Hand gloves" describes a compression product to provide hand support. Hand gloves can be made to include individual finger supports when needed.
"Millimeters of Mercury" or "mmHg" relates to an estimated measure of the amount of gradual compression woven into the product. For instance, a 20-30mmHg garment is designed with a gradient 30mmHg to 20mmHg of compression support, with the lighter compression always designed to be at the point closer to the torso. For instance, a 20-30 mmHg arm sleeve will offer up to 30mmHg of graduated compression at the wrist, with compression support gradually reducing to 20mmHg at the arm pit to encourage lymphatic drainage towards the torso. The higher the numbers, the more compression support is offered by the product. It is important to be fitted with a compression garment with enough support to control the Lymphedema. Higher level compression garments are not always appropriate. You also need to be able to don and doff the garment, and comfortably wear it during daily living activities. Your therapist will provide a written summary of recommendations for graduated compression garments for your physician and insurance provider(s).

Does Canadian Lymphedema & Rehabilitation Services offer graduated compression garment fitting services?

We offer our client's the opportunity to be measured and fitted for graduated compression garments by a Certified Lymphedema Therapist and trained compression garment fitter in the comfort and privacy of their own home. Appropriate fitting and use of graduated compression garments is crucial to our client's ability to gain greater independence in Lymphedema self-management in their daily lives. We will also work with our clients to replace, update and review graduated compression garment needs over time.

    Some of our unique services:

  • Our staff offers an array of graduated compression garments, some designed for wearing while clients are active in daily living, while other graduated compression devices are designed for use while sleeping or at rest.

  • Our staff are committed to offer ongoing treatment and support for our clients to help them manage Lymphedema complaints. This includes keeping our clients updated on new products and tools as they arise.


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